Treatment as It Should Be

We at Wellness Travels believe that any surgery or procedure ought to be personal, safe & fairly priced. Do you agree?

It's more than just a surgery

Flights & accommodation

Don't worry, your travel manager will offer you a few best alternatives. Also, all the surgery prices include overnight stay at the clinic + 5 days at a city centre hotel.

Personal travel manager & 24/7 assistance

Many clinics these days have lost any personal touch with their patients. However, with us you will always have someone to talk to, rely upon and take care of you (if anything).

Pick-up/drop-off & transportation

You will be picked up (and dropped off) in the airport by your travel manager. All the transportation in between the clinic and hotel is also included.

Extra phone + local call credit

We are just a phone call away if needed. Thus, we provide our patients with extra phones with local SIM cards and unlimited call credit.

Help with after-care

At all times you will have direct contact with the surgeon & your travel manager. Who will answer your questions & provide recommendations.

Insurance of €35000

Our patients are covered for up to €35000 against injury as a result of medical services provided. Yet, first & foremost, we ensure maximum safety.

every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

Meet our patients and read their stories

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Get to know the surgeons — you're in good hands

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we value your trust. Thus, we ensure the safety of your information.

Spring promotion: breast augmentation

This spring (all-inclusive) breast augmentation costs only €2995. All the other surgeries (that combine/include breast augmentation*) are discounted by €365 as well. The offer is valid for all bookings made until 1-May-2018 (surgeries can take place later).

*Our primary concern is the safety of patients. And, sometimes larger surgeries (combining multiple procedures) are not recommened. Our surgeon will assess every case individually.

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