Nose is central to your face.

It's just natural that many patients want to improve their appearance by changing the shape or size of their nose. We at Wellness Travels will give you an expert advice and see what's best for you. Learn more about the available procedures, prices and previous patients below.

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Nose job abroad

Let us be frank: we offer relatively cheap nose job. That’s because you pay only for the surgery (and not for expensive marketing or clinic’s location). The procedure is done by world-class surgeons and has the best price to quality ratio in the market.

Cosmetic nose surgery (nose job) is a procedure to straighten, reshape, or open nose passages. Our surgical team usally recommends the following (depending on every individual case):

  • Removing the hump on the bridge of nose
  • Narrowing the nose
  • Refining or reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Correcting a deviated septum (cartilage separating the two nasal passages)
  • Many features of the nose may be corrected to make it more attractive. Please note, that our surgeons prefer a limited approach, as it gives more natural results.


Types of surgeries

Nose tip surgery – our surgeons carry out the procedure when corrections are needed for the nose tip. The surgery allows it to be shortened, narrowed or both.

Septoplasty helps breathing through the nose by straightening the cartilage (nasal septum). The external appearance of the nose is not changed during this procedure.

Rhinoseptoplasty – combines both the surgery of the nose and nasal septum. Thus, the deviated nasal septum is corrected, as well as the appearance of the nose .


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(Nose Job) Procedure

Nose surgery abroad (nose job) is mostly done under narcosis (yet, intravenous anesthesia is ocasionally possible). This procedure may be carried out at the same time as other cosmetic facial procedures. Usually, nose surgeries last 1-2 hours and patients have to be hospitalised (1 night).

The procedure involves making incisions inside the nose or small cuts next to it. However, any resulting scars are invisible or inconspicuous.

Surgery: the skin is separated from the supporting bone or cartilage, which is then reshaped. Natural elasticity of the skin allows it to take its new position. The surgery is concluded when a small splint is placed over the nose to support it and reduce the swelling. To stop any possible bleeding a gauze may be used. It’s removed after 1-2 days.

Once discharged, the patient is able to recover in a hotel. The recommended stay in Lithuania is 5-10 days (until the splint is removed). Stitches remain in place for around 10 days.

Following the surgery, swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes are expected for several weeks (and up to 6 months to fade completely). There also might be a temporary loss of feeling or sense of smell. Yet, it usually returns gradually over this period.

Depending on the result: to correct minor irregularaties a second, revision procedure may be required. In rare cases, infection or bleeding may delay healing or result in scarring.

Patients with thick or oily nose skin may be less suitable candidates for the surgery. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and get recommendations for you.

prices given below are exact (without hidden costs). Many other clinics increase their initial prices.

Nose job abroad prices (all-inclusive)


€ 2875

Secondary rhinoplasty (full)

€ 3075

Nose tip correction

€ 1875

Nose hump reduction

€ 1975

Nose bridge correction*

€ 1275

you can be reimbursed when undergoing nose brige correction at our clinic. Read more »

every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

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FAQs about nose job

Am I too old for nose correction surgery?

There is no upper age limit for nose reshaping surgery. However, to avoid risk of infection and anesthesia complications, you should be in good physical health.

Additionally, for optimal aesthetic results, you should have good skin elasticity. Some doctors may recommend that older patients receive IV sedation, rather than general anesthesia.

Can my broken nose be corrected, even if the injury occured long ago?

Yes. Although it is best to seek treatment as soon as the break happens, a doctor can usually correct the injury by re-fracturing and re-aligning the bone.

Will aging affect the outcome of nose job procedure?

Over time the skin may stretch, and the nose tip may begin to droop. Nose correction (nose job) can correct these effects, but it cannot stop the aging process.

What about the length of stay abroad (in Lithuania) and how long until I see the final results?

After nose job the patients are recommended to stay for 5-10 days in Lithuania.

In the months following the surgery the nose will begin to settle in to its final shape. Because the results of nose correction take a significant amount of time, our doctors usually discourage patients from undergoing revision procedure until a full year has passed.

What about possible complications and what if they occur?

In rare cases, infection or bleeding may delay healing or result in scarring.

While still in Lithuania: in case you are feeling unwell or there is anything abnormal, you will be immediately checked upon by the medical personnel. Should there be a need for a follow-up procedure, it would be carried out for you free of charge.

Complication in the later stages of the recovery is extremely rare and most of the time not immediate. If they happen, our surgeon would consult you online and explain the steps to take.

What if I need revision surgery?

A revision surgery is usually determined for the following reasons: if there is a residual dorsal hump, the tip is still bulbous, or there is still a nasal airway obstruction. For all of that you usually have to wait for around 12 months to be sure.

However, if there is a significant residual hump, you could consider rasping this under a local anesthetic at 3-6 months. But, for a tip or functional problem the patient should wait a year, because many of these will resolve during the recovery.

What about the price and what's included?

Let us be frank: we offer relatively cheap nose job. Yet, it’s top quality (this is our promise to you). And such combination is hard to beat.

Includes: everything for the treatment, anaesthesia, 1 night of hospitalisation; all the needed help with the trip, such as finding best airplane ticket deals & accommodation, meeting at the airport, personal driver within Lithuania, phone+SIM card for unlimited calls in Lithuania; needed consultations, medical tests, 24/7 assistance in Lithuania in case something is needed, help with after-care, insurance of up to €50,000 against injury resulting from malpractice.

How to get an exact quote and/or free doctor advice?

That’s simple, free and comes without strings attached!

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Good news: residents of Ireland 🇮🇪, Norway 🇳🇴, The Netherlands 🇳🇱, Denmark 🇩🇰, UK 🇬🇧 can now travel freely (no quarantine) to our clinic (based in Lithuania). All affected bookings can be changed free of charge. Learn more at our blog or contact us.