Mommy makeover

Wishing to restore pride & confidence in your appearance after pregnancy? Mommy makeover will help you get back your ideal shape.

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About mommy makeover abroad

  • In short: mommy makeover is for bringing your body back to its ideal pre-pregnancy shape
  • Done under general anaesthesia by a team of experienced surgeons
  • Length of hospitalisation: 2 nights (included)
  • All-included price: €5375 / £4,833 (see price table below)


Mommy makeover FAQs

What is mommy makeover?

It’s one of the most popular plastic surgery combinations, designed specifically for women after pregnancy and breastfeeding

Usually it’s a combination of body contouring procedures that help to return to your ideal shape. It has no set components, but, rather, each procedure is tailored to fit your individual needs.

Mommy makeover is, normally, centred around abdomen and breast procedures. As these are the areas changed the most by motherhood. To be exact, it makeover may include the following:

  • Breast Augmentation – to restore breasts’ fullness and volume
  • Breast Lift – to address breast sagging and improve the shape
  • Breast Reduction – (for those with disproportionately large breasts) to create a more ideal appearance
  • Tummy Tuck – to take care of the ‘hanging’ skin on the belly
  • Liposuction – to improve the figure further
  • and other procedures
Can I get back to my pre-pregnancy shape without plastic surgery?

Every individual case is different.

For some women, however, the breasts can sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Similarly, the stretched skin on the tummy (to accommodate the growing baby) may not return to the pre-pregnancy shape.

If that’s the case, then plastic surgeries might be needed. Please consult with our surgeon to see what’s the best for you (the consultations are now free).

Is it a one single operation?

Your safety is always our main concern. Therefore, whether the surgery is done in one go or during multiple sessions is decided by the surgeon. This normally depends on your individual case and the recommended set of procedures.

How long is the recovery?

After mommy makeover you will spend two days in our clinic (under professional medical care). Once discharged, you will recover further in the hotel, and will be able to fly back home 6 days after the surgery.

During the first few weeks, your body will be sore, bruised and swollen. Which is normal after every surgery.

When will I see the result?

Swelling lasts for 6 months or longer (up to 1 year). Thus, you will not be able to see the final (full) result until all the swelling has subsided. However, some benefits of a mommy makeover will be visible immediately.

Note: mommy makeover is for non-smokers. Smoking substantially increases the chance for complications to occur. For this reason, we recommend stopping smoking for at least 4 weeks before and after your surgery.

To ensure the results from your mommy makeover are long-lasting, we also recommend sticking with a healthy lifestyle. This includes balanced diet and exercising.

All in all, most of our patients report a serious boost in self-confidence after mommy makeover (which restores pride in your appearance).

What about the clinic & surgeons?

We like to say that our clinic (based in Lithuania, EU) is not a factory. That is we work only with a limited number of patients per year. That helps us to provide our best and give much-needed personal attention to the patients.

The clinic itself is equipped with the newest medical technologies. Naturally, it checks all the EU care standards and employs maximum safety measures. After surgeries the patients stay in cozy single-bed rooms. It makes your recovery calm and pleasant.

Our brand is rated 4.8/5 by hundreds of UK & EU patients. See their (video) reviews here.

Read about our surgeons at the bottom of this page.

What exactly is included in the package?
  • Everything for the treatment, anaesthesia, 1 night of hospitalisation;
  • Necessary stay at a city-centre hotel;
  • Needed consultations, medical tests;
  • Finding best airplane ticket deals;
  • Meeting at the airport, personal driver within Lithuania;
  • 24/7 assistance in Lithuania;
  • Help with after-care, insurance of up to €50,000 against injury.
What if something goes wrong?

While you are still in Lithuania: in case you are feeling unwell or there is anything abnormal, you will be immediately checked upon by the medical personnel. Should there be a need for a follow-up procedure, it would be carried out for you free of charge.

Complication in the later stages of the recovery is even rarer and most of the time not an emergency. If they happen, our surgeon would consult you online and explain the steps to take.

prices given below are exact (without hidden costs). Many other clinics increase their initial prices.

Mommy makeover abroad (all-included)

Breast lift + tummy tuck + liposuction (from abdomen & flanks)

€ 5375

Breast reduction + tummy tuck + liposuction (from abdomen & flanks)

€ 5475

Breast augmentation (with Motiva implants) + tummy tuck + liposuction (from abdomen & flanks)

€ 6475

every result is individual. We put our utmost care to ensure that the patient is happy with it.

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Note: the prices are all-inclusive. Huge discounts apply to combined surgeries.

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Offer extended: Mommy makeover + free hotel stay

Medical travel all but stopped in the 1st half of 2020. Hence, our most popular offer - free hotel stay for all mommy makeover patients - is being extended until December 2020. Pay only for the treatment ❤️

*Stay duration is as long as necessary for the recovery.

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Good news: residents of Ireland 🇮🇪, Norway 🇳🇴, The Netherlands 🇳🇱, Denmark 🇩🇰, UK 🇬🇧 can now travel freely (no quarantine) to our clinic (based in Lithuania). All affected bookings can be changed free of charge. Learn more at our blog or contact us.